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Dulce Sixtos
Dulce Sixtos



part of Ceiba’s first graduating class. Dulce graduated from Ceiba in 2015 and she is now starting her fourth year at Franklin and Marshall College. In her Summer breaks, Dulce has worked at Ceiba as an intern. She’s participated in several mission-critical projects and serves as a role model for current students.


Dulce Sixtos

Ceiba Graduating Class: 



Franklin and Marshall College

Graduating from College:



Government and Spanish

Attending Ceiba prepared me for college by

by grounding my sense of community and encouraging me to pursue my academic goals wherever they may be. At Ceiba, I learned to be more assertive and about the importance to pay it forward.

My favorite college class/experience so far

has been going abroad twice to Spain and Mexico because it allowed me to gain new perspectives and realize my interests go beyond than impacting communities only on the local the level.

After college, I want to

gain experience in law or education to pursue grad school in the future.

Advice I'd give to high school students as they prepare for college

I would tell my peers to not be afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone and getting used to being uncomfortable. Growth happens when you are forced to learn and adapt. It is also important to try new things and go for it!
Dulce Sixtos
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