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Fatima Orta Arenas
Fatima Orta Arenas




Fatima Orta Arenas

Ceiba Graduating Class: 



Clark University

Graduating from College:



Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies, concentration in Intersectionality

Attending Ceiba prepared me for college by

instilling good study habits and getting me familiar with asking for help from teachers and administration. Learning to advocate for myself in high school really helped prepare for the moments in college where I was my only advocate.

My favorite college class/experience so far

Black Feminist and Womanist Theory because it was the first time my identity as a woman of color in academia was validated. I learned about some amazing theorists of color who have spoken out against racism, homophobia, classism, sexism, amongst many other things.

After college, I want to

start a masters program in Clinical Psychology with a focus on Latinx populations. Eventually, I’d like to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

Advice I'd give to high school students as they prepare for college

is to never forget where you come from, how hard you have worked, and NEVER doubt your capabilities to thrive in college. The impostor syndrome is so real and can be challenging to overcome, but as students of color, we have to remind ourselves that we are capable, valuable, and we earned our seat in the college classroom.
Fatima Orta Arenas
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