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Juanita Alvarez-Maldonado
Juanita Alvarez-Maldonado




Juanita Alvarez-Maldonado

Ceiba Graduating Class: 



Wesleyan University

Graduating from College:



Mathematics *and* Hispanic Literature & Cultures

Attending Ceiba prepared me for college by

exposing me to teacher, counselor, and mentor relationships. College is a big space that can sometimes be very intimidating and scary to ask questions, but finding the way to express your concerns, fears, enthusiasm or simply asking for guidance can help more than one may think at the moment.

My favorite college class/experience so far

has been studying abroad in Spain because it helped expose me to a different way of living where I was able to push myself culturally, in ways I had never done so before. Additionally, I thought I became independent in college, but the independence I experienced abroad was beyond what I thought I would be able to handle at 20 years old.

After college, I want to

travel the world! BUT meanwhile... I will be working as an ETFs and Index Investments Analyst for BlackRock, an asset management firm based on Wall Street. While working for BlackRock, I hope to become a CFA candidate in order to be more well rounded within the finance industry. Despite going into the workforce straight out of college, I am planning on working towards an MBA in a couple of years and eventually a PhD around Latin American Studies or ChicanX Studies.

Advice I'd give to high school students as they prepare for college

I would advise high school students to take the time to figure out and develop good studying techniques and methods because college is a lot about studying and being disciplined. Also, although I believe we can all succeed, be mentally prepared to fail one or two or three or more exams because it could happen, but it doesn’t mean you are a failure. It is just one more challenge you get to over come. And don’t forget to BREATH! HAVE FUN! BE ADVENTUROUS!... JUST DO IT!
Juanita Alvarez-Maldonado
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