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Oscar Coyote
Oscar Coyote




Oscar Coyote

Ceiba Graduating Class: 



CSU Los Angeles

Graduating from College:



Business and Economics

Attending Ceiba prepared me for college by

providing a simulated college experience. For example, when I entered college, advanced level math, like calculus, was a requirement. This class was easier for me because I had already taken it at Ceiba. Ceiba’s extended school days also helped me succeed in college. I was used to being at school or studying most of the day so it was easy for me to put in the long hours of daily studying required to succeed in college.

My favorite college class/experience so far

a business communications class. I enjoyed working with a group on an extensive research project and presentation. This helped improve my public speaking skills.

After college, I want to

get an internship (related to economics) to and my first job. My plan is to attend a job fair hosted by my university to secure an internship. Afterward, I hope my internship can turn into ongoing employment.

Advice I'd give to high school students as they prepare for college

I have three pieces of advice I’d like to share: First, keep an open mind about your major. You may begin college knowing what you want to study when another class or subject changes your mind. It’s ok to change your major so long as you know it is a good fit for your career and interests. Second, grow your network - connect with new people and keep in touch with them because you never know where it can take you! Opportunities pop up all the time because of who you know. The more people in your network, the more opportunities you’ll have for internships and jobs! Third, live in the dorms if you can! This is related to growing your network because living in the dorms helps you make new friends and study partners.
Oscar Coyote
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